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Benefits of Tonesculpt Leicester?

Body Sculpting - Tonesculpt Leicester

Builds Muscle

it increases muscle fibres for more defined abs and fuller rear-ends by up to 20% over the course of four sessions. We're here to help you get the 'bigger booty', the toned arms, the toned calves, or the six-pack you've always wanted! A course and a +16 percent increase in muscle mass can result in a fat loss of up to 20%.

Reduces Fat

You can target your problem area's fat stores by directing your muscles to burn more calories. Results show a 16 percent increase in muscle mass and a 15 percent reduction in fat mass. It's a chain reaction in your muscles because of the quick, repetitive contractions in the muscle groups you're targeting.
Targeted Pain Free Treatment
With this treatment, if you have stubborn fat no matter how much exercise or how well you eat, you may finally have a solution. This procedure can help you get rid of stubborn fat and reveal the muscles you've worked so hard to build. This allows the consultant to hit those stubborn areas for you to achieve a perfect toned physique
Why it is different
The muscles release a chemical that signals the breakdown of local fat cells in order to sustain the rapid contractions with sufficient energy. Lipolysis, or fat cell destruction, metabolises the fat cells in the area where the lipolysis takes place.
Your body eventually breaks down and expel all of the fat cells in your body.

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